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I want to get the schema's where used list of page templates, schemas etc.,provided with schema ID? Please help on this?

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 var list = ClientAdmin.GetList("tcm:1-1-8", new UsingItemsFilterData());
 var listXml = ClientAdmin.GetListXml("tcm:1-1-8", new UsingItemsFilterData());


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Thanks a lot.. Its working – Bhavya Mar 9 at 10:56
Could you please tell me how to get that 'Where used' list's publication names? – Bhavya Mar 9 at 11:29
I have updated my answer – Stanislav Maryenko Mar 9 at 11:55
It is throwing an error for me like "LocationInfo" cannot be resolved or is not a field. Its the same with "item" – Bhavya Mar 9 at 12:13
That is probably because your list is empty. Can you first check this? – Stanislav Maryenko Mar 9 at 14:18

For this scenario, you can try the following using core service as there is no built in methods for this:

    UsingItemsFilterData filterCriteria = new UsingItemsFilterData();
    filterCriteria.BaseColumns = ListBaseColumns.Id;
    filterCriteria.IncludeLocalCopies = true;
    var resultList =CoreServiceClient.GetList("SchemaURI", filterCriteria);

If you don't want to use or have core service the same can be achieved using TOM.Net API, there is a method on IdentifiableObject called HasUsingItems() which will give you the details also. Check this link once !!

You can have a look in this link which will give you ideas on how to use core service more effectively for similar kind of scenarios.

Let me know if this helps !!

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