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I have just completed my first End-2-End testing in SDL Web 8 where I have created, published (through topology manager) and displayed a piece of content in a .NET Web Application. This feels like a major milestone.

To test some of the functionality I tried loading various items like page content and dynamic links using the new .NET RESTful API.

One of my test cases is resolving a component link with the following test code.

ComponentLink compLink = new ComponentLink(777);
Link myCompLink = compLink.GetLink(12, 124704,8, "targert='wow'", "My text", true, true);

The link resolves correctly, and the resulting URL property contains something like "". I was very suprised to see an absolute URL here.

I recognize the domain from when I set up a Website with Topology Manager, and the 'myfirstwebapp' from the WebApplication I set up with Topology Manager. In many cases this makes sense. However in our case we have multiple sites and apps consuming this content, and as such need to leverage relative URLs.

When I look in the LINK_INFO table of the Broker Database I see the URLs I would like to use.

Is there a way to configure the micro services to return relative URLs rather than absolute ones?

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Yes, there is. In the cd_link_conf.xml of the (Session-enabled) Content Service there is a OverrideDiscoveryService attribute. If you set that to true, the Content Service will switch back to old-style link resolving using the mappings defined in cd_link_conf.xml and if you don't define any mappings in there, you will get relative URLs.

Unfortunately, the implementation of this setting is defective; after a while it will revert to using the Discovery Service (and absolute links) anyways. This defect is fixed in the upcoming 8.1.1 release.

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