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I created a Dynamic Component Presentation (ascx) that uses Dynamic Component Linking, and everything is published fine on the Content Delivery side.

However I noticed the TextOnFail property of the <tridion:ComponentLink runat="server"> web control is always "true".

Question is, what is the CME behavior that sets this value, if any?

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In RTF fields this is always set to true, as the content could become "weird" if a word or two disappeared... – Nuno Linhares Apr 9 '14 at 10:43
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The TextOnFail value is usually set in the TBB's.

To create a TridionLink from a dwt TBB the following code is needed:

<a tridion:href="@@Component.ID@@" tridion:textOnFail="true" class="bottom">

Tridion will transform the code above into a server control (.net or java) based on your env.

In this case the textOnFail is hardcoded, But the value can be set from a variable that is available in the Package.

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See… for a list of available link attributes in Dreamweaver templating – David Forster Apr 9 '14 at 8:43

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