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I am trying to create a Schema with a list field for selecting a Keyword from a Category but when I am saving this Schema I am getting following error in the UI, I am using SDL Tridion 2013.

Error in line 1 position 494. 'EndElement' 'List' from namespace 'http://www.sdltridion.com/ContentManager/R6' is not expected. Expecting element 'Entries'. Unable to save new schema

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Are you using Chrome? They recently released an update which broke some functionality, resulting in the kind of error you describe.

There is a hotfix for 2013 SP1 (CME_2013.1.0.87924) and 2011 SP1-HR2 (CME_2011.1.2.87923) available on sdltridionworld.com. If you aren't using either version, you probably need to use a different browser for now.

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thanks when I use different browser this error is not coming –  pankaj Sharma May 13 at 10:36
Lately, Chrome and its updates, are giving a lot of problems. –  Raúl Escudero May 14 at 7:35
Yeah, it's a bit of a problem when they decide to not support something that's in the DOM standard because too few people are using it according to their metrics :) Hopefully this trend does not continue. –  Peter Kjaer May 14 at 8:05

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