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How to add Upload Assemblies Add-in to Visual Studio 2013?

Does anybody know how to add this Addin to Visual Studio 2013? I have read that Addins are deprecated in VS2013... Is something special needed to make this work?

asked by Edwin Room Score of 5
answered by Edwin Room Score of 6

Virtual Path Provider Cache issue

We are using Virtual Path Provider in our Tridion implementation. We run into problems where the cache is not being updated and the web page is showing the old content (although the publishing is ...

2011 content-delivery  
asked by charles Score of 1
answered by Bjørn van Dommelen Score of 3

Issue with GetCompLink in the Tridion Reference Implementation

We are using a slightly hacked version of the Tridion Reference Implementation as we are using 2009sp1 (don't ask!) We have a lot of things working well but we have an issue with the function ...

asked by James Scott Score of 11
answered by Will Price Score of 9

An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B) (System.BadImageFormatException)

I'm trying to deploy our .NET web application using Tridion Delivery API to a local dev server. The machine is x64 and has a proper cd_licenses.xml file and the cd_*_config.xmls are all pointing to ...

content-delivery broker infrastructure  
asked by user2300379 Score of 7
answered by Nickoli Roussakov Score of 6

What is the acronym of "SDL" in SDL Tridion

I would like to know the acronym of "SDL" in SDL Tridion. Can anyone please help?

asked by Tamil Score of 11
answered by Nuno Linhares Score of 22

"Not enough storage is available to complete this operation" error when publishing page

I have the following problem when publishing pages, though the file system shows the published pages. Any suggestions are welcome. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with ...

2011 cme  
asked by Satyam Sachan Score of 8
answered by Nuno Linhares Score of 5

DXA 2.2.3 Component links multiple value

Implementation: Currently we have schema with a component link field called 'link'. I've enabled multiple value, so authors can have multiple component links from now on instead of only 1 (there's ...

dxa web8.5 dxa-java dxa2.2 sites-9.5  
asked by Harmen Score of 1
answered by Harmen Score of 0

Can you answer this question?

How to resolve component links and Multimedia links while pushing content to elastic search

We are using Tridion 9.5 and we have configured new content delivery feature using Elasticsearch technology. When content is published it is also pushed to elasticsearch. We have noticed in ...

sites-9.5 elasticsearch  
asked by Abdul Qadir Score of 1
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