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Top new questions this week:

Compiling DXA 2.2 Java fails with 'Could not find dxa-builder:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT'

I tried to install DXA 2.2 Java to Red Hat Linux 8.2. However, When Executing, the Following build Error Occurred: There is no '2.2.0-SNAPSHOT' on following URL, which is seen in error ...

dxa dxa-java  
asked by Hirokazu Shikata 2 votes

SessionAwareCoreServiceClient connection state Faulted in 2013 Core Service

We have serious problems trying to connect to Core Service (2013) with one of our clients (with both wshttp and netTcp). The only difference in this case is that this client has a proxy, but proxy is ...

2013-sp1 core-service network  
asked by Xavier Casals 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Problem with runing locally project with tridion and DD4T- unable to load dll 'xmogrt': the specified module could not be found

I have two new question about my local configurations. Now, I am trying to configure a new machine and I am facing two new problems. Scenario: 32bit local machine and 64bit server installed Java ...

content-delivery configuration dd4t  
asked by Boris T. 8 votes
answered by Siva Charan 3 votes

How can I send email notifications within a Tridion Workflow process?

I have created a workflow process in Visio, then implemented it into the Tridion CMS where I am supposed to send some email notifications automatically. Can anybody suggest to me how to send email ...

asked by ruchi 5 votes
answered by Ram G 8 votes

SOLR Search Engine Integration in website and Tridion 2011 SP1

I have requirement to integrate the SOLR search engine in my website. As I know Tridion 2011 also use SOLR as the search engine in its content management system, but I am not sure that I can use it ...

configuration search  
asked by user395 5 votes
answered by Frank van Puffelen 8 votes

SDL Tridion 2009 vs 2011 vs 2013

Major and Minor Releases of SDL Tridion has new features and module updates, What are all the features added or removed from the SDL tridion 2009 to 2011 and 2011 to 2013 SP1. Is there any way we can ...

2011 2013 2009 api architecture  
asked by Chandra Sekhar 3 votes
answered by Pankaj Gaur 5 votes

Publishing image in Tridion

What I did I created a multimedia component (Image name: demo.png) and published it. I found demo.png on presentation server. In the same component, I changed the image to demo2.png and published it....

publishing binary image  
asked by NutsAndBolts 8 votes
answered by Harald Hoffelinck 16 votes

Temporary upload location is not valid

After having run flawlessly for a week, publishing stopped working today, and I found the following error in the cd_core log: The temporary upload location [/tmp/tomcat.3852345956471293540.8082/work/ ...

web8 deployer  
asked by Quirijn 10 votes
answered by Mark van der Wal 4 votes

How can i check if a page is published?

I want to check if a page is published or not. TDSItems listPage = SGroup.GetItems(ItemType.ItemTypePage); foreach (Page newPage in listPage) { tcm = newPage.Info.ID; } I can see info ...

publishing 2009  
asked by tridionero 8 votes
answered by tridionero 5 votes
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