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Top new questions this week:

Where can I find a list of SDL hotfixes and their contents?

When we try this page we see a console error when searching and nothing in the list of results: angular.js:11442 GET ...

asked by Jonathan Primmer 4 votes
answered by Marko Milic 2 votes

Content microservice proxy error in a load-balanced environment

We are getting proxy error while accessing content service URL . It tries to access it for 2-3 minutes and then show message: Proxy Error The proxy server received an invalid response from an ...

content-delivery web8.5 microservices  
asked by Mukesh Kumar 4 votes

How to create a navigation main menu in SDL Tridion 8.5?

I have tried to create a navigation menu in SDL Tridion 8.5 but it's not working. The menu is not hyperlinked since the code is wrong. I have given the code below. Kindly help me since I am new to SDL ...

web8 sdl-tridion  
asked by Ahamed Ameen 2 votes
answered by Marko Milic 2 votes

Increasing the 'MaximumJobSize' in Translation Manager

When sending a bundle that contains more than a hundred items for translation (to TMS), the translation job (on the Tridion side) is split into multiple translation jobs on the TMS side. For example, ...

web8.5 configuration translation-manager performance  
asked by Jonathan Williams 1 vote
answered by Yuri Bondarchuk 2 votes

DXA 2.1 Map two publications to the same application

I have installed and setup DXA 2.1 .NET sample application and able to run the sample application. Now I have created a new publication at the same level (400 example site level with same parent ...

sdl-tridion dxa-2.0  
asked by Sikarwar 1 vote
answered by Harald Hoffelinck 7 votes

failed to load assembly in web 8.5 tridion migration from 2013 sp1

we are migrationg from 2013 sp1 to web 8.5 , however we are not able to fetch anything from tridion content delivery. we have added 8.5 dd4t provider dll and removed 2013 one, added new tridion ...

web8.5 discovery-service  
asked by Neelesh Raghuvanshi 1 vote
answered by k951 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Powershell: You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression

I have followed instructions to install Tridion Powershell modules as per this post: How do I configure or set up the tridion-powershell-modules in PowerShell?. I have set the Execution Policy to ...

2011 powershell  
asked by Nickoli Roussakov 5 votes
answered by Peter Kjaer 5 votes

'<>' operator is not allowed for source level below 1.7

I installed the DXA 1.2 JAVA web application on Tomcat with the Create-web-application-staging.bat script. Most of the site works, but the header cannot be rendered and shows an error message (see ...

dxa dxa-java dxa-1.2  
asked by Jan H 5 votes
answered by Jan H 4 votes

Failed to start Tridion transport and publisher services after Installation of Tridion 2013 SP1

I am getting below error while doing fresh installation. I tried installation with MTS user user but getting the same error. When I pressed Retry It installed the TRIDION successfully. But failed to ...

asked by AlokBhatt 4 votes
answered by Jonathan Williams 8 votes

'Import-Module : Could not load file or assembly' when running 2013 sp1 DB upgrade scripts

I'm running the SDL Tridion 2013 Sp1 database upgrade scripts but running into the following error : Import-Module : Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Tridion 2013 ...

2013 upgrade database 2013-sp1  
asked by johnwinter 10 votes
answered by Albert Romkes 9 votes

How do I access a metadata field on my multimedia component from within my Dreamweaver template?

I have a multimedia component. The multimedia component implements the "image" schema, and the image schema defines an "AltText" field on the "Metadata Design" tab. The alt text field is marked as ...

asked by George 6 votes
answered by Nickoli Roussakov 8 votes

Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing

We have a site running in HTTPS and are configuring XPM. We've enabled Tridion CM to run HTTPS as well following the docs on SDL Live ...

asked by Nickoli Roussakov 5 votes
answered by Nickoli Roussakov 6 votes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a "General Content" Schema?

Some Tridion implementations I have worked on/designed make use of just a few schemas and tend to use a General Schema which has a lot of Component Templates linked to it. The Component Templates do ...

schema content-modeling  
asked by Rob Stevenson-Leggett 15 votes
answered by Alvin Reyes 8 votes
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