We faced very strange issue with content porter import. When one of the user was performing import process, that user received message:

The process was added to the queue on the server, but wasn't started yet because other processes are running.

After approx. 1 hour, the process triggered properly and import worked properly. Did not find any useful information in log file corresponding to this issue.

In which scenario this message will be displayed and what should be done to resolve this?

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To avoid overloading the CM server with heavy import/export jobs, there is a configurable cap on the number of import/export processes that can run concurrently. The default configuration allows only one concurrent process, but this can be changed in Tridion.ContentManager.config

EDIT (Nuno)

Couldn't find any documentation, but this is the setting you want to change (if you want to enable multiple imports):

<importExport maxProcessCount="1" workingFolder="C:\Program Files (x86)\Tridion\ImportExport\Temp" processLogLocation="C:\Program Files (x86)\Tridion\log\ImportExport" transactionTimeout="0" userReplyTimeout="3600">
   <export threadCount="1" packagesLocation="C:\Program Files (x86)\Tridion\ImportExport\Packages" />
   <undo undoPackagesLocation="C:\Program Files (x86)\Tridion\ImportExport\UndoPackages" />
  • Does that mean if one process is already running then other user will get the message as highlighted above? Is this documented somewhere then please share the link.
    – Hiren Kaku
    Jan 14, 2015 at 19:20
  • Yes, it does. If you're saying the process triggered properly after an hour, that implies that another process was running for an hour. Jan 14, 2015 at 19:36
  • Are there any drawbacks to increasing that setting? What would it manifest like in the system? Jan 14, 2015 at 21:47
  • As Rick states, import and export can be quite resource intensive. It will manifest itself by slowing down your server...
    – Nuno Linhares
    Jan 14, 2015 at 23:32
  • 1
    This is a separate question. :-) But the answer is: it's a limit on the amount of time (seconds) the server will wait for a user reply on a question (in interactive mode). Jan 16, 2015 at 9:49

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