I commented on this question on Server Names for Content Porter: Could not connect to ImportExport service on SDL Tridion Content Manager server <IP address>

The actual error for entering "http://" in the Server Name for Content Porter was not really related to that question, so I'm posting the error and reason in this separate Q & (community) A.

I sometimes get the following in Content Porter when setting up an export:

SDL Content Porter 2013 SP1
System.Exception: Server name has invalid value.

Server name cannot be empty and must contain only alphanumeric characters.

   at Tridion.ContentPorter.Presenters.SelectServerPresenter.CreateServerInfo(String protocol, String name, String port, String description)

   at Tridion.ContentPorter.Presenters.SelectServerPresenter.SaveServer()

I added the reason below.

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The SDL Content Porter Server information pop-up takes the following:

  • Protocol
  • Port
  • Name
  • Description

The name should just be the server name (domain). For example in training we use cms.electridion.com. Entering http://cms.electridion.com will give you the above error.

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