While developing a GUI extension, So far the Live documentations and few google searches helped a lot to impl,ement the same. Also referred the HelloWorld Basic example here: http://www.julianwraith.com/2010/10/helloworld-extension-for-tridion-2011/

However, I'm unable to find references for selectors/queries/ like: $config.expandEditorPath() $popup.create $models $const

I have Downloaded the GUI Extension API .

Are these $config a kind of CLASS (may be totally wrong I Am ) in Anguilla ? as expandEditorPath() seems kind of a function. Where is this class $config is Documented so that I can check for other useful functions of this $config .

What are these dollar variables $config, $models etc..

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    As an additional tip: I usually "check for other useful functions" by just typing in the class in the JavaScript console of my choice (F12 usually). You'll get code-completion there. Note that you'll usually have to choose the correct frame first, but you'll learn the right one soon enough :) Apr 21, 2015 at 14:16

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Yes, these are aliases pointing to oft-used classes. They should be listed under "global" in the GUI Extension API documentation.

Here's a list of the ones I use most often, for your convenience:

$commands = Tridion.Core.CommandManager
$config = Tridion.Core.Configuration
$controls = Tridion.ControlRegistry
$display = Tridion.DisplayController
$evt = Tridion.EventRegister
$localization = Tridion.Utils.Localization
$log = Tridion.Core.MessageLog
$models = Tridion.ModelsFacade
$assert = Tridion.Utils.Assert
$const = Tridion.Constants
$dom = Tridion.Utils.Dom
$xml = Tridion.Utils.Xml
$popup / $popupManager = Tridion.Controls.PopupManager
  • Awesome. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you for sharing this info. And yes, got the Alias list in global too. Thank you very much.
    – S thangley
    Apr 21, 2015 at 14:25

The official Gui Extension API documentation can be downloaded from SDL docs

  • already downloaded this but unable to locate what I am looking for. Can you please help me locate the HTML/XML file which explains $config ??
    – S thangley
    Apr 21, 2015 at 13:31

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