Did anybody implement Solr master/slave configuration with load balancer on Solr cloud with Tridion? Looking for best practices around the same.
Many thanks


When we are talking about the Solr Cloud, it essentially means an advancement in the Master-Slave configuration of the Solr. Usually, with SolrCloud, you should be implementing a ZooKeeper quorum instead of plain Master-Slave Configuration.

Below URL explains how to setup an external ZooKeeper:

Setting Up an External ZooKeeper Ensemble

Below is a listing of an example setup of SolrCloud with Master-Slave replication in Load Balancer with ZooKeeper:

Solr Cloud Master-Slave Replication

Further, you can get a basic idea and comparison of Master-Slave replication and ZooKeeper:

Comparing Master-Slave with Zoo Keeper

Further, I did this for a client and this is not yet out in community; will try to push this in community later in this year.

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