I am supposed to write a side windows application which reads records from some database and compares them with the contacts list in Audience Manager then synchronizes the Audience Manager by adding/editing/deleting the contacts.

I couldn't find any sample code on how to do that so I don't even know where to start from. I read that Tridion.OutbountEmail.ContentDelivery namespace contains the classes I need but... how do I connect to my Tridion installation? Which class gets the list?

I would be grateful for any hints on this issue.

Thank you

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This kind of integration should be run on the Tridion Content Manager server, not Content Delivery. The API to use is Tridion.AudienceManagement.API and the documentation is available here: API reference documentation downloads.

As to where to start, you can get a list of Contacts by calling Contact.GetContacts(), passing in a ContactFilter containing what you are looking for. The parentItem parameter can be left as null if you want all Contacts in the system. Note that you'll probably want to run your code as a Tridion administrator.

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