I am trying to retrieve the Children Keywords of another Keyword from its URI with the following code:

if (kwdOrCatURI.StartsWith("tcm:"))
     if (kwdOrCatURI.EndsWith("-1024"))
         rootkeyword = factory.GetTaxonomyKeyword(kwdOrCatURI);
         taxonomychildren = GetKeywords(rootkeyword);


private static ArrayList GetKeywords(Keyword kwd)
    ArrayList arraylist = new ArrayList();
    if (kwd != null)
        foreach (Keyword childkeyword in (IEnumerable)kwd.KeywordChildren)
    return arraylist;

Unfortunately, I am not able to get the children, since the list is always empty. However if I "iterate" & "browse" over the category I am able to get to all its children...

Anyone has an example on how to retrieve the children of a Keyword from its URI without having to iterate over the entire category?


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Ok, It seems it's been a while since I wrote code... it is quite simple, here the solution:

  1. Get The keyword
  2. From the Keyword, get its TaxonomyURI
  3. Now using the API, get the keyword with its children:

    rootkeyword = factory.GetTaxonomyKeyword(kwdOrCatURI);
    rootkeyword = factory.GetTaxonomyKeywords(rootkeyword.TaxonomyUri, 
                                     new CompositeFilter(), kwdOrCatURI, new Keyword[]{});
    taxonomychildren = GetKeywords(rootkeyword);

Thank you Asier.

  • It is always a pleasure to help :) May 6, 2013 at 11:46
  • Jamie, You should go ahead and mark your answer as the accepted answer for your question. May 9, 2013 at 6:19

Here's a snippet I have as my own example:

To get your keyword

using Tridion.ContentDelivery.Taxonomies;

TaxonomyFactory taxonomyFactory = new TaxonomyFactory();
Keyword keyWord = taxonomyFactory.GetTaxonomyKeywords("yourcategorytcmid");

Now you have your keyword

You've access to:


If you're going to loop this list it's best to check the object is of type


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