I have been tasked with presenting to our business partners a case for converting their CMS from WordPress to SDL Tridion 2013 SP1. I have found a few useful links describing/reviewing the different CMS products, but I was hoping someone could lay out a few key differences between WordPress and Tridion. My initial investigation suggests that Tridion is a more robust, scalable application, but having never used WordPress, I was hoping for some specific differences between the 2 CMS's that I can highlight as a possible reason to switch to Tridion.

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This is definitely a wrong place to seek an answer to question like this. But it seems that you have already answered your question: "Tridion is a more robust, scalable application"

The most important question that people overlook while looking for a CMS is that your CMS must be able to grow with your business and evolving requirements.

This a very nice article which I came across when I started to compare CMS. Hope it helps.

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