For multi-publicational purpose I need all publications to override some items in appSettings area of the web.config file of my web application.

Is there a clever way that my TridionPageProvider.PublicationId property to be binded to appSettings/MyPublication.PublicationId?

I do not want to override this part of the web.config in the sub-config files.

Now, by default the web.config looks like:

      <add key="MyPublication.PublicationId" value="6"/>
        <typeAlias alias="IPageProvider"
                 type="DD4T.ContentModel.Contracts.Providers.IPageProvider, DD4T.ContentModel.Contracts" />
        <typeAlias alias="PageProvider"
                 type="DD4T.Providers.SDLTridion2011sp1.TridionPageProvider, DD4T.Providers.SDLTridion2011sp1" />
        <container name="main">
            <!-- map the implementations to the interfaces -->
            <type type="IPageProvider" mapTo="PageProvider">
            <!--          <lifetime type="singleton" /> -->
              <property name="PublicationId" type="int" value="0"/>

My solution at the moment is:

  1. create a new class which inherits TridionPageProvider
  2. create a new PublicationId property with "new" modifier and hiding the parent's property
  3. when the setter is called check if the value is "-1" and if it is true then check ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MyPublication.PublicationId"] and set that value to the parent's property

But I think there is a better solution. Thanks in advance.


DD4T now contains a PublicationResolver which helps you deal with multi-publication web sites.

Basically, each factory (e.g. the PageFactory) now has a PublicationResolver attached, whose job it is to return the publication id for the current request. It is explained (including code examples) in this post: http://blog.trivident.com/2013/01/dd4t-web-publication-resolving/.

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