In a dll in C# I get the tcm of a component. This component is placed in the metadata of a strucure group.

What I need is to get the url of the page that is using this component. Ultimately what I need to do in C# is the same that Tridion does when you write tridion:href@@component@@


  • Welcome to Tridion Stack Exchange. What you tried so far? Are you referring to C# or Dreamweaver? – Siva Charan May 6 '13 at 14:57

Pretty simple:

If you don't need to include Template Priorities in your logic (doesn't look like you do):

ComponentLink link = new ComponentLink(publicationId);
string url = link.GetLink(componentId).Url;

If you do need to take template priorities into account:

ComponentLink link = new ComponentLink(publicationId);
string url = link.GetLink(currentPageId, componentId, componentTemplateToExclude, linkTagAttributes, linkText, textOnFail, showAnchor).Url;
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  • Thanks Nuno, It was very helpful your answer. I fixed my problem. Thanks again. – ITB May 7 '13 at 7:04

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