I wanted too replicate creating micro site in DXA/TRI and took the following procedure:

  1. Created a new Publication and Area/Module structure along with config components and test content.
  2. Created a new separate web app
  3. Set up the web app in Visual Studio
  4. Created my Area/View/ViewModel and setup the CM structure
  5. I published the new Publication and I can see my new Page through OData, so I know it is hitting the db. I can also see my BinaryData in my web app.

When I update cd_link_conf and cd_dynamic_conf in the web app to reflect the new Publication and then run my project in VS I get the following errors:

BaseController.cs not found

The debugger could not locate the source file 'c:\Jenkins\workspace\v1.0 -006- Web Application Distribution\Sdl.Web.Mvc\Controllers\BaseController.cs'.

BaseContentProvide.cs not found

If I change the Publication ID in the conf files back to that of the Example Site then the application runs okay but, as I expected, does not map to my Views.

I think I am missing a step here or am I approaching this wrong? Any advice more than welcome.

  • Does your web app have references to Sdl.Web.Mvc.dll and Sdl.Web.Common.dll and are those present in your web app's bin folder? Jun 17, 2015 at 17:42
  • Hi Rick, yes it does and they are. Jun 18, 2015 at 9:01
  • It looks like an exception occurred in BaseController and/or BaseContentProvider and the debugger wants to show the exact location in source code. However, the source code of the STRI framework is not part of the distribution (you could obtain it from GitHub). Isn't it possible to ignore the debugger warning? (You don't want to debug deep down into the STRI framework per se, I guess) Jun 18, 2015 at 13:23


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