I am searching for a way to find all components in a folder and in the folders of the child publication. So for example:

tcm:0-5-1 folder tcm:5-10-2 |-->tcm:0-6-1 folder tcm:6-10-2 |-->tcm:0-7-1 folder tcm:7-10-2

Than I would like a way, through Core Service, to get all components in tcm:5-10-2, tcm:6-10-2 and tcm:7-10-2 by just knowing tcm:5-10-2.

I have tried using GetList with BluePrintChainFilterData with Direction.Down to get all child folders but I only got tcm:5-10-2.

Any idea on how to tackle this one?



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You can try this:

  1. Get the child Publications of the Publication (using where used)

  2. Loop through the Publications.

  3. Get the local folder id for the Publication

    var localId = tridionClient.GetTcmUri(objectID, publicationID, null);

  4. Extract the Components from the local Folder and collect them in a collection.


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