When I purge old versions of Multimedia Components, does Tridion also remove the binary content from the Database of the old versions? Here is the documentation for the PowerShell version. I am using this Core Service client code:

PurgeOldVersionsInstructionData purgeIntructions = new PurgeOldVersionsInstructionData();
purgeIntructions.VersionsToKeep = 1;
purgeIntructions.Recursive = false;
List<LinkToIdentifiableObjectData> itemsToPurge = new List<LinkToIdentifiableObjectData>();
folderLink.IdRef = "tcm:123-2-2";
purgeIntructions.Containers = itemsToPurge.ToArray();
int versionsCleaned = client.PurgeOldVersions(purgeIntructions);

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Yes, it does. Note that binary content can be "shared" between versions. Binary content is automatically removed if all versions referring to it are deleted/purged.

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