There is a Home Page in CMS in which I inserted two different Component Presentations.

For one Component presentation the Property: Component Presentations based on this Component Template will be is set to Publish as a Dynamic Component. TemplateID: tcm:200-78003-32

enter image description here

And, for the other CP, this property is set to Publish Embeded on a Page

enter image description here

However, when Previewing the page Or when ran in Template Builder, the Source seems confusing.

    <!-- HTML HERE... --><br/>
    <tcdl:ComponentPresentation type="Embedded" componentURI="tcm:200-154146" 
    <!-- HTML HERE... --><br/>
    <tcdl:ComponentPresentation type="Embedded" componentURI="tcm:218-12172" 

Please note that I removed the CleanUp Template, so to see the TCDL tags.

Why the type=Embeded is there for Dynamic CP ( First TCDL Tag above ) ? Isn't it should be type="Dynamic" ? Under what conditions will the type be dynamic ?

Is there any thing I need to Edit in the DCP so that the correct type="Dynamic" is there in the TCDL Tag above ? I was expecting that DCPs will be retrieved at runtime on Pages at server side using the ComponentPresentationAssembler. Seems like here the HTML generated by the DCP is not retrived at runtime but is just sticking to the page itself like the Embedded CPs.

[ SDL TRIDION 2011 SP1 ]

  • I think the embedded DCP behavior might be different in preview/template builder. Compare to the filesystem or broker database to see how the references are handled there. Aug 7, 2015 at 5:15
  • Thanks Alvin. I will check the filesystem/broker databases to examine the behaviour.
    – R.C
    Aug 7, 2015 at 15:36
  • Thanks Alvin, Investigated on content delivery server, file systems, DB and got it working now.
    – R.C
    Aug 9, 2015 at 13:11

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At the Content Delivery side, The page published had below Asp.net kind of Custom Server Control Tag:

<tridion:ComponentPresentation PageUri="tcm:200-15454-64" 
         ComponentUri="tcm:200-15439" TemplateUri=" tcm:200-78003-32" />

as also checked, the config file cd_deployer_conf.xml was having below properties

<Property Name=”tcdl.dotnet.style” Value=”controls“/>
<Property Name=”tcdl.jsp.style” Value=”tags” />

As investigated further, the above settings make the Deployer to generate the Asp.net based Custom Server Tags[ for Asp.Net websites.]

Moreover, this Custom Server Control <tridion:ComponentPresentation .. /> is indeed fetching the HTML/ComponentPresentation from Broker Database as verified.

This control also seems to be using the ComponentPresentationAssembler class since removing the <TCDLEngine> properties from cd_deployer_conf.xml was generating Inline codes, the important line Found was

<% Response.Write(componentPresentationAssembler.GetContent(
                                "tcm:200-15439", "tcm:200-78003-32") %>

So it does seems like the Dynamic CT behaves differently in preview and publish as Alvin suggested.

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