I am trying to automate Workflow. Below code start the workflow and everything goes fine and I get current processinstanceid

 ProcessInstanceData pid =  _CoreServiceClient.StartWorkflow(publicationURI, instruction, _ReadOptions);

However the pid object is not found when the workflow completed and Read method gives exception

 IdentifiableObjectData processInstanceObj = _CoreServiceClient.Read(pid.Id, _ReadOptions);

Is there anyway to get processhistoryinstance id of the processinstancedata (without any hardcoding in code/config file)?

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When a workflow finishes, the Process Instance is deleted and a Process History is created. The ProcessInstance.Finish method returns the ProcessHistory. You could pick up the Process History ID in a ProcessInstance Finish event handler.

  • ProcessInstanceData is not showing any Finish Property/method. Could you please elaborate the details bit more. Aug 7, 2015 at 17:08

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