While searching the solution I found How would I get all pages using core service? where it get list of SG while providing publication URI as RepositoryItemsFilterData . I am trying to use it to get the list of pages in an SG. However when I give SG TCM ID as RepositoryItemsFilterData core service gives me error 'Unexpected item type: StructureGroup.' I am writing code something like below. Can someone help to me on how to get pages when you have SG TCMID.

    public List<string> PagesToRemove(string structureGroupTCMID)

                        var itemTypes = new List<ItemType>();
                        var filter = new RepositoryItemsFilterData();
                        filter.ItemTypes = itemTypes.ToArray();    
                        var listXml =_CoreServiceClient.GetList(structureGroupTCMID, filter);
                        List<string> lstPageTCMID = new List<string>();
                       //code to map listXml to lstPageTCMID
                        return lstPageTCMID;

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Instead of using RepositoryItemsFilterData, you should use OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData.

You can use following code to filter the pages from a structured group:

       _CoreServiceClient.GetListXml(structureGroupTCMID, new OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData
            ItemTypes = new[] { ItemType.Page },
            Recursive = true,
            BaseColumns = ListBaseColumns.Default

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