I just want to remove the instance which have been created but later on i get the error in one step. I have tried the below command to stop and remove the instance but not getting success. bin\instance <INSTANCE> stop
bin\deployment-agent-client remove <INSTANCE>

I have tried there commands with root user as well as with fredhopper user. But linux is not recognizing the command. I have tried by deleting the instances by rm command but it only deletes the directory not the complete instance.

Is there any other way to remove these instances?


  • Maybe you could post that as an actual answer, Raimond? I'm pretty sure that's the only problem as that is the correct command - just have to use forward-slashes. Oct 1, 2015 at 10:04

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In Linux the slashes have to be the other way around. In the root of your Fredhopper installation, type:

./bin/deployment-agent-client remove INSTANCE_NAME

Be sure to stop the instance before that, using the same path separator.


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