I need to get child publications of a publication. I am using the following approach: get "where used" for the publication. Until now my code looks like this:

var id = publicationParent5TcmId;
var filter = new Tridion.ContentManager.ListFilter({columns: const.ColumnFilter.DEFAULT |$const.ColumnFilter.ALLOWED_ACTIONS |  $const.ColumnFilter.VERSIONS,    conditions:{InclLocalCopies: true}});

    var brothersPublications;
    var onSuccess = function () {
        if (brothersPublications) {
            $log.debug("WhereUsed.GetListUsingItems success: found " + brothersPublications.length + " brothers publications");
        else {
            $log.debug("WhereUsed.GetListUsingItems success");

    var onFailed = function () {
        $log.debug("WhereUsed.GetListUsingItems failed");

    brothersPublications = tridion.Web.UI.ContentManager.WhereUsed.GetListUsingItems(id, filter.conditions, filter.columns, onSuccess, onFailed);

It enters in onSuccess function, but brothersPublications is undefined.


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You could try to get your publication and then the child publications this way:

var parent_pub = $models.getItem("tcm:0-2-1");
var list = parent_pub.getListChildPublications();

Then iterate the resulting list to do something to every publication objects.

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