I need to write an application which requires me to get all keywords out of a given component.

So if I have following schema:

text_field_1 : KeywordFieldDefinitionData, Category (tcm:x-y-z, CATEGORY1)
text_field_2 : KeywordFieldDefinitionData, Category (tcm:a-b-c, CATEGORY2)
random_field_random: .. .. (does not matter)

When I have a Component for the given schema

text_field_1 : Antwerpen : tcm:e-b-c
text_field_2 : Hasselt : tcm:f-g-h
random_field_random: asdasasd

I need to convert this to:

       Id: tcm:e-b-c,
       Value: Antwerpen,
       Category: CATEGORY1
       Id: tcm:f-g-h,
       Value: Hasselt,
       Category: CATEGORY2

To do this I need the Tcm value of the keyword that is chosen in the fields. But when I look at the xml document from the component (through Core Service) I see the field as:

<text_field_1 xmlns=\"uuid:37a7a47f-88c8-44f7-a6e8-5900ae9f985e\">Antwerpen</text_field_1>

Is there a way to get the keyword Id without going through all keywords within the given Category?

BTW: If I look at the Content Xml through Anguilla I see following Field Value:

<text_field_1 xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xlink:href="tcm:e-b-c" xlink:title="Antwerpen">Antwerpen</text_field_1>

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You need to read your component with correct LoadFlags, namely LoadFlags.KeywordXlinks. See: http://amarchuk.blogspot.nl/2012/10/coreservice-and-readoptions.html or Getting additional keyword information from item Xml?


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