Some organizations use localized URL's and some languages have non-standard characters (other than a-z), for example:


Tridion does not allow some of these characters in the standard configuration, and I am aware this behavior can be changed in the cm_xml_usr.xsd file.

Is there any concern to update the directory and filepath regex to allow for these non-standard characters? And what would this regex look like?


In the (far) past, we have observed that not all web servers/browser deal equally well with non-ASCII characters in paths/URLs. Note that Tridion does not support IRIs (internationalized URIs), so if you have non-ASCII characters in your path, these will be UTF-8 URL encoded (resulting in quite unreadable URLs). Most browsers will present the URL unencoded to the user (and then it looks fine again).

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Have you considered solving this outside of the CMS with URL Rewrites.

You could still manage the rewrite rules within the CMS with a content modeled solution if need be.

Be sure also that the presentation file system allows such characters in the folder name.

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