We have an SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 HR1 implementation without the VBScript Legacy pack installed as we only require workflow with Bundles. However, it appears that a couple of Activities have been left-over from the initial upgrade - relating to workflow instances using VBScript.

I'm unable to progress the Activities as I receive the message

workflow script type with name 'vbscript' was not found in the configuration file

BUT I'm also unable to delete them. Is there anything using the core service that I can use to remove the association so I can delete the activities?

We're working through the documentation and will update this is we see anything more...

As this is also in the PRD environment, I'm looking for a way to avoid having to re-run the installer with LEGACY_VISIBLE=TRUE (as described here)

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We had selected to enforce Bundle Workflow Processes at a schema level. As such, the GUI selects a default Workflow Process for the Bundle which we didn't change and just saved.

After changing the Preferred Workflow Process for this Bundle to a workflow we designed without legacy scripts etc. all was well.

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Workflow script types are registered in Tridion.ContentManager.config.

You could temporarily add an entry for VBScript (using a bogus executor type) so that the VBScript activities can be loaded and deleted.

  • Thanks for this Rick - we've a call with Support so I've to see what they come back with - but I will test this in my VM soon as and confirm if this worked. Nov 10, 2015 at 23:00

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