Want to Know some general information on transport package like default items in transport package when publishing a component, page, component template etc.

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The transport package format is undocumented, and not a valid extension point - therefore I doubt you'll find much information publicly.

However... it's really easy to figure this out, as all you need is a copy of a few Transport Packages and the ability to unzip files. You can easily configure your deployer to keep copies of the successful transport packages (just read through the comments in cd_deployer_conf.xml, or read this answer).

Do be aware that the reason why this format is undocumented is so that SDL can change the data format at will - and this happens quite often, as capabilities on CM or CD change over time.

  • Yes Nuno Linhares, this is how am getting the information now from ZIP.
    – swami
    Dec 23, 2015 at 19:54

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