I have a folder, which has subfolders and components. Now i want to retrieve only the components which uses a specified schema.How do i do it using core services.

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Try something like this:

using System.Xml.Linq;
using Tridion.ContentManager.CoreService.Client;            


            string folderUri = "";
            string schemaUri = "";

            OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData filter = new OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData();
            filter.ItemTypes = new ItemType[] { ItemType.Component };
            filter.ComponentTypes = new ComponentType[] { ComponentType.Normal };
            filter.Recursive = true;

            XElement items = Client.GetListXml(folderUri, filter);
            foreach (XElement item in items.Elements())
                ComponentData component = Client.Read(item.Attribute("ID").Value, null) as ComponentData;

                if (component.Schema.IdRef.Equals(schemaUri))

                    // Do something with components of specific schema 



Client variable is of type SessionAwareCoreServiceClient. You can find more detailed explanation of code above on blog http://codedweapon.com/2013/03/changing-components-schemas-with-core-service/

Something similar was already asked on post Get all component from selected folder and subfolder based on Schema

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