I have recently installed the SDL Web8 Content Service as a standalone micro service. I set the LOGGING level to trace. When I try to start the service, it shuts down after about 10 seconds. There are a ot of log entries, but the final 6 lines are:

2016-01-22 07:58:45,265 INFO  ODataWebserviceExtensionManager - Finished loading webservice extensions
2016-01-22 07:58:45,307 TRACE ODataWebHandler - Initializing extensions.
2016-01-22 07:59:28,423 DEBUG TridionEntityTypeRegister - Registering entity data models
2016-01-22 07:59:28,895 DEBUG TridionEntityTypeRegister - Registering metadata functions
2016-01-22 07:59:30,318 DEBUG AmbientServiceProvider - Initializing Ambient Data Framework Service
2016-01-22 07:59:41,706 DEBUG ODataContextListener - OData servlet Context was destroyed, shutting down StorageManagerFactory

I also tried running the service using the start.ps1 PowerShell script, but I see the same problem.

Can anyone suggest what may be causing this, or which other log files I should look in to try and solve the problem?


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If you don't see any other errors, I'm guessing it is a port conflict. The default port for the Content Service is 8081; perhaps something else on your machine is already running on that port.

You can check that using PowerShell:

Get-NetTCPConnection | where { $_.LocalPort -eq 8081}

If that returns anything, there is something running on that port.

(You can also use netstat -ao if you prefer)

Edit: Another possibility is that you haven't added a valid cd_licenses.xml file to the config folder of the server. Although that does normally show up in the logs and when you run 'Start.ps1', it can be easy to miss.

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    You are my hero @Peter. It feels like this would be a good thing to log in a future release/hotfix. Jan 22, 2016 at 16:27
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    I agree. There shouldn't ever be a case where the service stops but doesn't clearly log what the problem is. It's been noted and should be addressed in the future. Jan 22, 2016 at 20:11

I had the same issue. I realized that the content service has a dependency on the directory service name... in the installService.ps1, I had to modify this line

$arguments += "++DependsOn=SDLWebDiscoveryServiceLive"

as I had changed the default name of the discovery services.


I have also faced the similar issue when I was installing my content delivery components for single-machine installation by following this doc. I was verifying my installations after installing discovery, deployer, session-enabled content service. My discovery service was not running, whenever I was starting the service it shuts down after few seconds without logging any error. I tried multiple time but it was showing same behavior. To fix the issue I followed these steps:

  • Restarted the installation server.
  • Started the discovery service again.
  • Registered the discovery service by running the command java -jar discovery-registration.jar update. Till that time I had not run this command.

Your issue may be different but can you check by following these steps if that work for you also..

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