We are facing caching issue when we fetch Dynamic Component using DD4T’s getComponent function of GenericComponentFactory class. We are getting old data even after the content is updated and published. We tried the following to overcome this issue, but it still persists.

  1. Removing caching from web application. Restarting the application also gives the old values so probably it’s not related to web-application side caching.
  2. Removed caching from cd_storage_conf.xml file in app and broker deployer.
  3. Using NoCacheProvider in dispatcher servlet.

We are usign dd4t 1.31 api Note: Directly hitting the broker via broker-query gives the updated values.

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You can disable your cache from storage config in two ways

  • Make sure broker DB is correct :)
  • You can stop caching at global level <ObjectCache Enabled="false"> or individually for required item, in your case DCP, in storage config.
  • You may have to optimize following parameters or other settings mentioned at following

    cache.dependency.ttl = 20
    Cache.expired.ttl = 20
    cache.ttl = 20

    you can refer this link for more settings.

  • Thanks,, I already did these as mentioned in question too. Jan 28, 2016 at 18:10
  • did you check the link?
    – Raj Kumar
    Jan 28, 2016 at 18:40
  • if this is something live, check CDN/Akamai
    – Raj Kumar
    Jan 28, 2016 at 20:24
  • its is dev.... No CDN is configured yet Jan 29, 2016 at 2:22
  • 1
    That was raised by me only few months back... That issue was something diffferent then posted this question Jan 29, 2016 at 7:49

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