Is it necessary to have SDL mobile installed for DXA 1.2 context image delivery to work correctly ? If I don't want to avail paid service of SDL mobile what are the different alternatives ?

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here's what docs say-

-The default Context Engine Cartridge installed as part of SDL Digital Experience Accelerator is used to detect device/browser screen features and capabilities.

-This information is used to manipulate page layout and image resizing and drive a reponsive design.

-This functionality is free to use without an SDL Mobile license, however if you do have an SDL Mobile license, you can take advantage of some additional features; First request device capability detection and Contextual Image Delivery.

Read more at docs :Setting up Context Engine Cartridge (SDL Mobile) , hope it will clarify most of the questions.

Related information is present on some other posts on StackExchange already,see this for ex- https://tridion.stackexchange.com/a/12887/1449

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