I am able to read xml name, description and type (In picture,callToAction, Calls To Action, Embedded Schema respectively). How to read internal node of embedded schema(In picture,Link_ES) using core service factory java?

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You can try in the following way. Not sure if i got you correctly, but seems you want to parse the schema filed nodes, not from any component with value in the fields.

Load Schema Details first,

SchemaFieldsData schemaFieldsData = _coreServiceClient.ReadSchemaFields(schemaId, false, null);

Then, search for the embedded fields using the following:

public void GetEmbeddedFields(SchemaFieldsData schemaFields)
    foreach (ItemFieldDefinitionData field in schemaFields.Fields)
        if (field.GetType() == typeof(EmbeddedSchemaFieldDefinitionData))
            // check if this field contains more embedded fields



You can refer to this thread for more information. Thanks.

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If I understand the question correctly, you want to read the available fields inside of the embedded schema.

In that case, from the parent Schema you will only get tcm-id of the Embedded Schema, which you will have to use with Core Service to get the details of the available fields in the Embedded Schema.


  • Hey Kunal, Thanks for your response.Could you please elaborate? I mean there is a method to read the tcm id of parent schema,how can we get the tcm id of embedded schema?
    – Bhavya
    Commented Feb 22, 2016 at 5:01

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