This is related to my old question on Experiment : Invalid_grant Error while Running Experiment in Smart Target

I Created one Experiment by Following SDL Documentation. I can see all Component Presentations on my DD4T Web Application Page but when i click on my Experiment in CME to see the statistics it throws the Error says :

com.google.api.client.googleapis.json.GoogleJsonResponseException: 400 Bad Request
 "code" : 400,
"errors" : [ {
"domain" : "global",
"message" : "Invalid value 'ga:1==6ac8d87e-0498-4b5d-bf47-4591016a866b;ga:2==tcm:0-4-65537' for filters parameter.",
"reason" : "invalidParameter"
} ],
"message" : "Invalid value 'ga:1==6ac8d87e-0498-4b5d-bf47-4591016a866b;ga:2==tcm:0-4-65537' for filters parameter."

Note : While Debugging i can see I am getting Two Promotions in FredhopperResultSet, One For Experiments and One for Promotion and while Expanding Experiments i can see 6ac8d87e-0498-4b5d-bf47-4591016a866b is my PromotionId and tcm:0-4-65537 is my PublicationTargetId.

Just FYI that i am Working on my Localhost and made a Host Entry for www.xyz.com and Created a Google Analytics Account for www.xyz.com.

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Looking the configuration you posted in the previous question : Invalid_grant Error while Running Experiment in Smart Target maybe the problem is the dimension configuration, try setting as:


with the word dimension included.


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