I'm working with c# project and Tridion 2011 and I have a component item that is an image and I need to get the name of the upload image to this component. So I have this:

protected static Component GetComponentValue(string fieldName, ItemFields fields)
        if (!fields.Contains(fieldName))
            return null;

        ComponentLinkField field = fields[fieldName] as ComponentLinkField;
        return field.Value;
Component images = GetComponentValue(dataFieldName, fields);

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If you're asking about the filename, then to get the original uploaded filename from a multimedia component you need to access it's BinaryConent.Filename property.

If you just mean the component's title, then it's just .Title

  • I mean the first one and what you gave me works perfect. Thanks!! Commented Mar 15, 2016 at 12:04

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