How can I detect if the user clicked Save or Save and Close?

$evt.addEventHandler(item, "save", this.getDelegate(this.onItemSave));

onItemSave = function (ev) {//code}

Inside onItemSave function, ev.type = "save" and ev.name = "save" in both cases.

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    did you try for ev.type="save" && ev.type="checkin" for save and close? Mar 30, 2016 at 16:53

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What I did in an extension where I had different behaviors depending on whether you clicked Save, SaveClose or SaveNew was to:

  1. Register my commands as extensions of the existing commands:
    <ext:command name="Save" extendingcommand="ReleaseValidationOnSave"/>
    <ext:command name="SaveClose" extendingcommand="ReleaseValidationOnSaveClose"/>
    <ext:command name="SaveNew" extendingcommand="ReleaseValidationOnSaveNew"/>
  1. Then on each of those methods that would be called I would set a variable identifying which was the original command
CompanyName.Extensions.ReleaseValidationOnSaveClose.prototype._execute = function ReleaseValidationOnSaveClose$_execute(selection, pipeline) {
    if (!this.properties.InitialCommand) {
        this.properties.InitialCommand = "SaveClose";
    return $cme.getCommand("ReleaseValidationOnSave")._execute(selection, pipeline, this.properties.InitialCommand);
  1. Finally, on my "ReleaseValidationOnSave" code I would check the value of this.properties.InitialCommand and let the UI resume that command's execution:
// This function is triggered by the event "finish"
// It invokes the original command intended by the editor
CompanyName.Extensions.ReleaseValidationOnSave.prototype._onResumeExecution = function ReleaseValidationOnSave$_onResumeExecution() {
    $evt.removeAllEventHandlers(this, "finish");
    var p = this.properties;
    $cme.getCommand(p.InitialCommand)._execute(p.selection, p.pipeline);

Basically this allowed me to "inject" my command before the UI's own, and also let me invoke the original command once my code was done running.

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