I'm trying to add a new a new region for a SmartTarget Experiment, following the documentation from LiveContent. However, I believe to have the new Region available in the GUI, I also need to add a <Region> entry to the smarttarget_conf.xml.

However, the smarttarget_conf.xml in my Tridion directory has totally different entries than what I'm seeing in the GUI, so this can't be the correct one. The smarttarget_conf.xml in my website has the same entries, but it doesn't seem likely that the GUI would be looking in here. Reinforcing this, updating this file doesn't change the GUI entries. Am I correct that the GUI is reading this from a copy of smarttarget_conf, and if so, which copy?

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You should update the list of regions in the smarttarget_conf.xml config file in your odata webservice website. The Smarttarget GUI will regularly update the list of available regions from this webservice.

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