In Tridion 2011 we use the TCDL taglib for our Tridion Component Links. Our published .aspx page has the following code. (example from https://tridionbasicscity.com/2015/05/05/tcdl-tridion-content-deployment-language-basics-i/)

<tridion:ComponentLink runat="server" PageURI="tcm:123-250233-64" 
         ComponentURI="tcm:123-654674" TemplateURI="tcm:0-0-0" AddAnchor="false" 
         LinkText="Product" LinkAttributes="" class="productSection" 
         title="Product" " TextOnFail="true" />

Does SDL Web 8 provide a taglib for this functionality? If not, what is the suggested upgrade process to move from the taglib to the supported Web 8 method for Component Links?


Parser Error Message: Unknown server tag 'tridion:ComponentLink'.

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The .NET controls you mention are still shipped and configured the same way.

Since the error is about the tag 'tridion:ComponentLink' not being recognized, I would suggest you check the relevant web.config file on your site and ensure that the 'tridion' prefix is configured correctly:

    <add tagPrefix="tridion" namespace="Tridion.ContentDelivery.Web.UI" assembly="Tridion.ContentDelivery"/>

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