I've installed and configured the Content Service to run on port 8088, as the McAfee virus scanner was running on the default port.

In Visual Studio I downloaded the Content Delivery NuGet Package and built the solution. This gave me a lot of SDL and dependent OData DLLs. I copied all of them to the bin folder of my .Net Website.

Then, I updated the web.config to reference the Tridion Linking taglib.

Finally, I created a config folder within bin, and copied the cd_storage, ambient configs, logback, etc to this folder.

Linking is not working.

Does the cd_storage need a role? And if so, what role is that? Where do I point the .NEt CD "Client" to the Content Service?

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When you are using REST setup for CD API's, you don't need cd_storage_conf.xml at client side.

To make sure that Content Service location can be found by clients,

  • Register "ContentServiceCapability" in Discovery service.
  • Provide Discovery service URL in Web.configof your client application
  • Provide ClientId and Client secret (for OAuth) in Web.configof your client application

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