If we follow Web 8 Installation instructions, by default we install all the Microservices with OAuth/Rules Enabled in ambient_conf(with registration account). Also it is observed that there are more roles/accounts(cmuser/cduser/implementer etc.) placed in the config (More Info here)

I had tried registration user everywhere while setting up topology and publishing failed .Later found that many of us have faced issues with connecting with one or other service (invalid_grant/authorization errors) and most of us are Disabling OAuth as a workaround.


Is there a recommendation in place to use particular users as clientId for OAuth while setting up topology(to connect to discovery/other services) so that not only Publishing but also connection to various services from different interaction points(Deployer Service while Publishing/Content Services while retrieving Content..) is seamless?

Any related SDL docs links?

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Detailed description of Roles is documented here.

registration user is used only for registering capabilities in discovery service.

When setting up topology, you need to use cmuser Reference here

For retrieving content (CD side), you should be using cduser

Also you can check this on Roles

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    I see, actually i didn't do single server installation and this cmsuser thing is only mentioned in that section & missing from normal installation section here
    – Ashutosh
    Commented May 13, 2016 at 12:16

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