I am in the process of setting up Archive Manager and I managed to get it to work, both for the "archive" (deployer) and the "explore" (CM Side). I have dedicated deployers for mutltiple sites and some of them have archive manager configured. What is the best practice regarding archives segregation? Should I have dedicated databases for for each archive-manager-enabled-deployer?

From a requirement perspective it would be ok (as long as it works and there's no conflict) to have all the archive data for different sites in the same archive manager db.

What if two publications are used to serve pages for the same domain? I have a publication I am using to migrate certain pages (eventually all pages will migrate to this publication) so within the same domain I could have:

  1. www.mydomain.com/pages/page1.html
  2. www.mydomain.com/pages/page2.html

Where page1 comes from publication A and page2 comes from publication B. Each publication has its own publication target and dedicated deployer, however I would like to share the same archive manager db.

Any thoughs?

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My understanding is that SDL best practice recommend a 1:1 relationship between deployer to publication. In your scenario, it maps a specific deployer to a specific publication, so you should be ok. In your single archived database, having the same domain should never have a conflict since the page is referenced in a different publications. Well, this is my 2 cents. Let's see if anyone else have different opinion about it.

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