Hi GUI/Anguilla Experts,

I am trying to call a function once FilteredListControl (shows items in the right panel in tridion GUI) finished loading. I am adding event handler as below but it doesn't work. I've tried "start" and "draw" events as well but no luck.

var FilteredListControl = $display.getView().getFilteredListControl();
$evt.addEventHandler(FilteredListControl, "load", function(){alert('loaded')});

Any idea what's wrong with this?


The problem I am trying to solve is, when a user selects a repository item in left panel and right panel gets refreshed, at that event I want to place a search textbox just above the results, same as this plugin.

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    Are you "waiting" for the $display object to be ready? can you put here what errors you get in the console if any? Commented May 16, 2016 at 13:29
  • Hi Jaime, yeah I am waiting for the $display object to be ready. The code in the question is the part of "onDashboardLoaded" function I am calling in $evt.addEventHandler($display, "start", onDashboardLoaded). Also I am getting the FilteredListControl object, loging it in the console. Commented May 16, 2016 at 13:37
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    does such object (FilteredListControl) trigger a "load" event? What are you trying to accomplish, by the way. Commented May 16, 2016 at 13:38
  • I am not sure about the events associated with "FilteredListControl", is there a way to find those events, any documentation? Also I've updated my question mentioning the problem I am trying to solve. Commented May 17, 2016 at 8:33

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That's because the FilteredListControl doesn't fire one of those events. You can check which events are fired by attaching a listener to all events. E.g.:

$evt.addEventHandler(FilteredListControl, "*", function(event){console.log(event);});

To achieve what you want you have to attach an event handler to the TreeViewControl like this:

var treeControl = $display.getView().getTreeControl()
$evt.addEventHandler(treeControl, "select", function(event){console.log('selected');});

I'm not entirely sure if this event fires at the correct moment, but for placing a textbox it should suffice


So, Using Albert's code as below I figured out that FilteredListControl didn't has any event associated with it.

$evt.addEventHandler(FilteredListControl, "*", function(event){console.log(event);});

Then I extracted the list control from it and that does have the "draw" event associated with it. Attaching a event handler function to this event solve my problem.


var filteredListControl = $display.getView().getFilteredListControl();

var listControl = filteredListControl.getList();

$evt.addEventHandler(listControl, "draw", myHandlerFunction);

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