In DXA 1.4 (Java) in my logs I see the following warning:

12:04:35.304 [http-apr-8080-exec-6] WARN c.s.w.common.impl.markup.MarkupImpl - Entity of type webapp.model.entity.RichContent does not contain a field named Content.

How can I resolve this warning, as the views and models are outputting expected content.


@SemanticEntity(entityName = "RichContent", vocabulary = SDL_CORE) 
public class RichContent extends AbstractEntityModel {

    private RichText content;

    public RichText getContent() {
        return content;

    public void setContent(RichText content) {
        this.content = content;
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    How does the View code that uses this View Model look? May 31, 2016 at 17:52

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The views contained Experience Manager Markup that was written with capital C, this should be lower case. @Rick thanks for pointing me to the views :)

<span ${markup.property(entity.sideArticle.content, "content")}>

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