Access Tridion configuration from Event System by different events In tridion Event system. we see that from event of SaveEventArgs, It reads properly from Tridion.ContentManager.config, while in other events, e.g. SetPublishStateEventArgs and PublishEventArgs it fails to read settings from Tridion config .

I understand for SaveEventArgs event it use dllhst3g.exe *32 while for SetPublishStateEventArgs and PublishEventArgs, both uses tcmpublisher process . Is there any difference for these two processes to access Tridion configuration? We are running on Tridion 2011 .

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    I have attempted to answer your question, but it's not very clear. Why are you asking this question. What are the actual problems you are experiencing? How are you detecting that the configuration is accessed? Jun 6, 2016 at 14:19
  • Thank you for your answer Domini! We simply would like to trigger push notification service in Tridion event system , in our case SetPublishState event. In applicationSettings of Tridion.ContentManager.config , we have put settings values, like push notification api address, which can be be read by Tridion events to send push notification. In event system .net solution , We use application settings.
    – Dao
    Jun 7, 2016 at 7:54
  • Then I found in SaveEventArgs event it correctly gets value config settings, while in PublishEventArgs abd SetPublishState , it fails read configuration and direct use values of compiled application settings from .net solution. Hope I have made myself a little bit clearer.
    – Dao
    Jun 7, 2016 at 7:54

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Your question is not 100% clear, so I will try to answer on the basis of how I understand it. If the question becomes clearer, I will update the answer as appropriate.

In general, the Tridion configuration will be read by any Tridion process that needs to access configuration settings. As it needs to access configuration settings in order to authenticate the user, as far as I know this means every Tridion process.

The configuration data is cached in memory, so if it has already been loaded, you may not see configuration changes come into effect until after the relevant process has been restarted.

I would expect both SaveEventArgs and PublishEventArgs events to be triggered by processes supporting the user interface. (Note that the Publish event takes place when a publish action is entered into the publishing queue.) So in this case dllhst3.exe *32 would make sense. Obviously, if your Save action is initiated from the core service, this may be done via a different process.

As you say, the SetPublishState event will be triggered by the publisher.

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