where we can find the documentation for DXA breadcrumb for java? How it works? How we have to configure? Which classes and information is necessary?

Thank you!


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This are the steps that we did:

  1. Create a Component based on Schema Navigation configuration
  2. In the Pages that we want to see the breadcrumb, in the Component templates, link Breadcrumb [Tools] CT to the Component created in the previous step
  3. In The jsp for our PT add <dxa:region name="Tools" /> (region specified in the Breadcrumb CT)
  4. Modify breadcrumb.jspx to adapt the html to our layout
  5. Publish navigation.json
  6. Publish the pages that we created

Internally, is using NavigationController to access to the navigation.json and resolve all the links that we need to mount the breadcrumb.

Maybe this explanation is basic, but I think that is necessary for the teams that are starting with DXA.

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    I would add that it makes sense to include a breadcrumb via an include page, rather than add it directly on a Page, that way you can add a breadcrumb using a Page Template configuration and don't really have to have it available on every page (you will still need to publish each page using that PT since it changed). This is also what is done in the out of the box DXA example website, where the breadcrumb is added to the Content Tools include Page, which in turn is used in the Content Page Page Template. Jun 7, 2016 at 7:46
  • +1 to Bart's point. Putting the breadcrumb on the page means more work for editors and less control for developers for if/when it changes. Jun 8, 2016 at 14:08

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