Is there any configuration setting we can use set the max time for waiting for a job to be returned / marked as ready for returning from a Translation Provider.

Some jobs may be complex and take more time than is available before a go-live for example.

Are there any configuration/settings where we can set the time-out?

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    Please add details to your question on where you see the timeout (sending jobs, checking status, retrieving items, ...), and which translation management system you use. Jun 15, 2016 at 11:39
  • @Lars, I've spoken with Manish and clarified his question above - I think I've answered it too but am happy to be corrected and learn more :) Jun 15, 2016 at 11:48

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Assuming you mean for the CMS to essentially cancel a Translation Job that has already been sent to the Translation Provider but isn't apparently flagged as ready for retrieval...

To the best of my knowledge - and what I can see from the documentation (and the config files) this is not configurable out of the box.

Updated on correction from Lars - not able to cancel the Translation Job in the Tridion GUI

You are not able to manually cancel a job in the CMS GUI but you can cancel a job in the World Server workflow (other Translation Services do exist) and there's no specific setting shown in the configs I see for

  • SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 HR1 or
  • Web8 (8.1.1.)

I'm not sure what effect the PURGE may have on a job that has exceeded the time but I'd be surprised if this interfered with a job that wasn't marked as Cancelled or Complete, perhaps you can update your PURGE frequency to a day and let us know (assuming you are able to agree with the Translation provider to not translate your content in the interim).

Although I'll note a possible approach below, you should be cautious of the business / business process implications of semi-automating this activity without involving a discussion with the translation provider and/or business.

  • what if the large / complex (assuming Manual) translation is complete with the exception of a relatively short update that was planned imminently...
    • someone is going to be unhappy (not least the business when the provider charges them for the translation all the same possibly)
  • if you request to cancel the translation (and hte request is made automatically) - who are the stakeholders that need to be informed (other than just the person going into World Server to hit cancel)
    • and how (this could change depending on the specific site or type of content that's being translated/cancelled

Possible Contender

Updated on correction from Lars - not able to cancel the Translation Job in the Tridion GUI or via the Tridion API

  • Have a simple polling server
  • this can check iterate through the jobs in the queue
  • it can retrieve the state of the job and if it's been sent for translation
  • the date it was sent can be interrogated
  • compared to today
  • compared to an agreed timespan
    • perhaps metadata on the bundle - in Web8 this can be sent with the Translation content so could be used in the World Server workflow to trigger escalations
  • removed if required (i.e. send an email to whoever manages the workflow/translation jobs in the World Server GUI)
    • as hinted above - it may be more appropriate to simply escalate the fact the translation is not happening in the time expected
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    There is no way to cancel from the Tridion side, so the solution you suggest would have to be done on the TMS/WS side. Out of the box Tridion can communicate a due date to TMS/WS so it might be useful. I do not think setting metadata on a bundle helps, it is unlikely to make it to translation. Jun 15, 2016 at 12:20

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