We have created a dynamic CT to publish the multimedia components to the structure group that have same relative path as the folders using this example .

Everything works well except when we try to publish images with similar file names, were we get a ‘Committing Deployment Failed’ error.

The log :

Attempting to deploy a binary 78675 to a location where a different binary is already stored Existing binary: 78718:tcm:30-78267-32.

This happens even when the files are in different publications.

This publishing setup is fully on file system.

So investigating further, I found on CDS that the file(image) is also created at D:\data\binaryvariant\binaryurl apart from the actual website folder. (D:\data\ is the defaultstorage path in storage config and websites are at D:\Websites\)

This file in binaryurl folder is just 1kb and looks like a temporary file. However this is location where I believe I am getting the deploying error.

Strangely if I schedule publishing of all these multimedia components (with similar file names) at a same time, publishing works fine.


Eg. Consider Multimedia Component MM1 with filename Image.jpg present in Pub A at Building Blocks - Content - Websitecontent. Publish this Component and it gets published to D:\Websites\PubA\Websitecontent

Consider another Multimedia component MM2 with same filename Image.jpg present in Pub B at Building Blocks - Content - Websitecontent. Publish this Component and it should be published to D:\Websites\PubB\Websitecontent. But it doesn't and gives the error mentioned above.

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The error message points to an issue where the filename of the published binary (tcm:30-78675) is equal to the filename of an already published binary (tcm:30-78718) in the same location.

Location and filename of published binaries are determined by the AddBinary call in your Template. The error message also indicates that the existing binary is using the Component Template tcm:30-78267-32.

Depending on your implementation, it sounds like you are using an override of AddBinary which does not postfix the published binary filename with the TCM URI, which would be a way to prevent this from happening. Could very well be a default publish binary TBB which you are using. Chris Summers discussed that in one of his (archived) blogs once: https://web.archive.org/web/20160402205904/http://www.urbancherry.net/blogengine/post/2010/02/09/Unique-binary-filenames-for-SDL-Tridion-Multimedia-Components.aspx

Please note it might not be relevant because you didn't provide much detail on your implementation.

  • The binary publications in tridion are different from where I am publishing. Also as Chris explains, the issue would occur when tridion tried to publish multimedia at same folder 'Images'. Such is not the case here. In my case I believe the issue occurs because I am not using DB for storing binary metadata. Everything goes to filesystem. So the problem occurs in 'D:\data\binaryvariant\binaryurl folder where a replica of all images from different folders and publications are also saved. (just 1 KB as I mentioned). Commented Jun 29, 2016 at 14:06

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