We have associated a Category Page Type to our Page metadata. After publishing the Page when we try to retrieve the associated Keyword information we are not getting any value.

The data type in page meta is map<String, String>. Keyword object is converted to string and displayed as org.dd4t.contentmodel.impl.KeywordImpl@6c5fa73. This is of no use and correct pageType is not displayed.

Please let us know how to use Category and Keyword in paga metadata of DXA pages. BTW we are using DXA 1.2 JAVA

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This is a Known Issue. See: https://github.com/sdl/dxa-web-application-java/issues/21

Note that PageModel.Meta is mainly intended for generating HTML meta tags. If you want to use Page metadata in your Page View, you can also define (and register) your own Page Model (a subclass of PageModel) with additional properties and use DXA's semantic mapping to map those to Page metadata fields in CM.

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