Our team is working on DXA 1.4 & Web 8 combination. but since, DXA 1.3 went through some architectural changes. DXA prerequisites mentions use of certain services. so i have following questions on it.

Role of following different components

  • SDL Web 8 Content Interaction Services (CIS)
    • .NET implementation of Content Delivery
    • Content Data Store Vs Content Service
    • Context Service
    • CWD dependency in Java version.

What are the optional services and can be disabled if specific functionality is not required.

any logical arch diagram of DXA will also help!

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Admittedly, the documentation of the DXA prerequisites is a bit unclear/confusing.

DXA is a Web Application Framework which builds upon the Content Delivery Architecture. For SDL web 8, it builds on the CD microservices architecture. In particular, it uses the following microservices:

  • Discovery Service -- For authentication and lookup of the other microservices.
  • Context Service -- To obtain Context Claims generated by the Context Engine (based on User-Agent header and context cookie).
  • Content Service -- For everything else. For an (XPM-enabled) staging site, you have to ensure you use the Session-Enabled Content Service.

The (Session-enabled) Content Service is backed by a Content Data Store, so that's not really a separate prerequisite, but you do have to ensure that your CD microservices are configured to store everything (also Pages and Binaries) the Content Data Store.

  • Why is context Service mandatory for DXA to run? Should n't it be optional. also what is role of CWD and CIS?
    – Raj Kumar
    Aug 14, 2016 at 18:41

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