I have a component with a metadata multiselect field as Location, for which options will load from a category. Users are allowed to select more then one option. I have below code which is working fine except giving the repeating value of options if selected more than one option.
for example. If user has selected two locations i.e. location1 & location2 from the location field.
IEnumerable<Keyword> fields = primarykeyfield.Values; , fields is returing count as 4, and value its displaying as location1,location2,location1,location2.

private static string GetLocation(Component Comp, Engine engine)
        string Location = string.Empty;

        ItemFields componentMetaFields = new ItemFields(Comp.Metadata, Comp.MetadataSchema);

        if (Comp.Metadata != null)
            foreach (XmlNode node in Comp.Metadata.ChildNodes)
                if (node.Name.ToLower() == "location")
                    KeywordField primarykeyfield = componentMetaFields["location"] as KeywordField;

                    if (primarykeyfield != null)
                        //Get the Keyword
                        IEnumerable<Keyword> fields = primarykeyfield.Values;
                        foreach (Keyword kt in fields)
                            if (Location == string.Empty)
                                Location = kt.Title.ToString();
                                Location = Location + "," + kt.Title.ToString();



        return Location;

IT will be great if anyone can point the mistake so that i can get the result as location1,location2, on selecting two values from Location field.

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Without running the code, I think the problem is your initial for loop. If you look at the XML source of a Component with categories in the metadata (one of ours for example) :

<Metadata xmlns="uuid:f24b9067-dcb6-4ef1-8982-3dde4129fdab">
    <region>United Arab Emirates (Middle East)</region>

If you then run foreach child node, you are effectively running your code twice. Short version: you don't need the loop.

  • Thank you for pointing this mistake. After removing that loop problem got resolved. Aug 2, 2016 at 16:03

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