Intermittently during workflow I am seeing the following exception:

Component: WorkflowEventsException
Errorcode: 0

StackTrace Information Details:
   at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.TdsExecuteRPC(_SqlRPC[] rpcArray, Int32 timeout, Boolean inSchema, SqlNotificationRequest notificationRequest, TdsParserStateObject stateObj, Boolean isCommandProc, Boolean sync, TaskCompletionSource`1 completion, Int32 startRpc, Int32 startParam)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.RunExecuteReaderTds(CommandBehavior cmdBehavior, RunBehavior runBehavior, Boolean returnStream, Boolean async, Int32 timeout, Task& task, Boolean asyncWrite, SqlDataReader ds)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.RunExecuteReader(CommandBehavior cmdBehavior, RunBehavior runBehavior, Boolean returnStream, String method, TaskCompletionSource`1 completion, Int32 timeout, Task& task, Boolean asyncWrite)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.RunExecuteReader(CommandBehavior cmdBehavior, RunBehavior runBehavior, Boolean returnStream, String method)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior, String method)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteDbDataReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
   at System.Data.Common.DbCommand.System.Data.IDbCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.Data.AdoNet.DatabaseUtilities.ExecuteReader(StoredProcedureInvocation storedProcedureInvocation, CommandBehavior commandBehavior)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.Data.AdoNet.Sql.SqlDatabaseUtilities.ExecuteReader(StoredProcedureInvocation storedProcedureInvocation, CommandBehavior commandBehavior)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.Data.AdoNet.DatabaseUtilities.ExecuteReader(StoredProcedureInvocation storedProcedureInvocation)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.Data.AdoNet.Sql.SqlDatabaseUtilities.ExecuteReader(StoredProcedureInvocation storedProcedureInvocation)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.Data.AdoNet.Workflow.TridionActivityDefinitionDataMapper.Read(TcmUri id, StoredProcedureInvocation spInvocation)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.Data.AdoNet.IdentifiableObjectDataMapper.Tridion.ContentManager.Data.IIdentifiableObjectDataMapper.Read(TcmUri id)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.Session.GetDataObject(TcmUri id)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.IdentifiableObject.Load(LoadFlags flags, Boolean forceReload)
   at Tridion.ContentManager.IdentifiableObject.Reload()
   at Tridion.ContentManager.IdentifiableObject.get_Description()
   at XXX.EventSystem.WorkflowEvents.SaveAndStartActivityInstanceWorkflowEvent(ActivityInstance subject) in WorkflowEvents.cs:line 89

Line 89 is quite trivial, all it is doing is getting the description (as the exception indicates) of the ActivityDefinition

switch (subject.ActivityDefinition.Description)

I can increase the timeout of Workflow tasks, but this seems like a very simple action that is causing the timeout.

  • (1) Is this items in a workflow bundle? (2) How many items are you pushing through workflow - i.e. does this ever happen when you've only a few items being processed? (3) Do you have workflow auditing switched on? (4) Do you have any event system code (or anything going at the database instance) that could be impacting your tests? Aug 31, 2016 at 9:39
  • Not in a Workflow bundle, just a single Component Very little in Workflow, less than 10 items How do I switch on WF auditing? :) There is event code Aug 31, 2016 at 9:58
  • docs.sdl.com/LiveContent/content/en-US/SDL%20Web-v1/… This will save a snapshot of each component in the workflow (Bundle) as each activity is complete - this can bloat the relevant database table considerably and there's no OOTB framework for tidying it up so use with caution and proper monitoring ;) Regards the timeout then - you'd assume it's something with the event code - perhaps there's some timing issue with the event of saving and starting the activity instance and interrogating the Activity Definition (have you confirmed it exists)? Aug 31, 2016 at 10:04


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