Could I request the broker server for a component sending the component's URI, using dd4t?

When I use ComponentFactory.TryGetComponent - it returns null for the object.

Using Tridion2011sp1 and DD4T 1.25

Thanks in advance.

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IComponent ComponentFactory.GetComponent(string componentUri, string templateUri = "");


bool ComponentFactory.TryGetComponent(string componentUri, out IComponent component, string templateUri = "");

are the correct methods. If you are getting null, have you verified that the component presentation you're requesting is in the Broker DB, i.e. is published?

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    Nick is mentioning it already, but it's important to remember that you cannot request components. Under the hood it requests a ComponentPresentation and returns the component from that CP. This means that the ComponentPresentation should be published as a DCP to the broker. Jun 3, 2013 at 20:25

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